Cornish Home Services ~ Surveys / Consultations throughout Cornwall

Cornish Home Services ~ Surveys / Consultations throughout CornwallAt Cornish Home Services we consider ourselves fortunate to have one, if not the top Damp and Timber Consultant/Surveyor (Basil Skinner CSRT) in the county of Cornwall. With many years experience of dealing with properties in Cornwall from diagnosis to completion of the recommended works, he is fully qualified, trained and trusted to enter into your property. His professional ability to diagnose a problem and more importantly to recognise a non existent one, is highly respected throughout the county of Cornwall. That is by far the most important factor!

Rest assured, at Cornish Home Services you are in good hands and we care about you and your property.

Long Term Security – Peace of mind !

Customer satisfaction is first and foremost at Cornish Home Services.  As fully approved contractors, our professional and technical expertise will ensure your property should require no further treatments for a long period.

You have made a future for your property that goes much further into the future than the end of the guarantee term.

That’s our promise!