Cornish Home Services ~ Property Inspections throughout Cornwall

Cornish Home Services ~ Property Inspections throughout CornwallCornish Home Services also provide property inspections on behalf of landlords, tenants and general householders throughout Cornwall. This is a very popular, helpful and unique service we provide with great benefits to all concerned.

If you are about to buy a property in Cornwall and think there might be damp problems, woodworm or dry rot then call us and we will carry out an honest inspection on your behalf. You can then make an informed decision before signing any contract.

VERY IMPORTANT – Get the right advice from the right person and be aware that the cost of the survey/inspection is not the most important factor. What the surveyor tells you after having done the survey/inspection is the most important factor. Please be warned !

Have you got Dry Rot or Wet Rot ? There is a big difference between the two. Dry Rot is a serious infection of timber and requires special treatment which should only be carried out by a specialist. Its important you get it correctly diagnosed in the very first instance.

Have you got live woodworm, if yes, which one is it and what type of treatment is required. Get it correctly diagnosed first then it can be appropriately treated if necessary.

Have you got rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation problems ? If not correctly identified, it is highly likely that you will still have the same problems once the work is finished and all your money has been spent.

Do you think you have a problem but are not sure. We will tell you the honest truth either way.

Our fully trained and qualified independent specialist surveyor (Basil Skinner CSRT) is always available for your private surveys or consultations. Call him on (01637) 859812 or  07741 179418 to make an appointment. It makes sense to get the problem correctly identified FIRST.