Cornish Home Services ~ Treating for Woodworm in Cornwall

Woodboring insects also pose a threat to certain timbers within a building. Unlike fungal decay the majority of woodborers do not require water to promote active attack, although some are directly associated with fungal decay. However, even the Common furniture beetle (Anobium punctatum) has been known to cause structural collapse. Of the many woodboring insects found in the U.K. one of the most destructive is the house longhorn beetle (Hylotrupes bajulus) which has caused roofs to collapse.

Whatever the specific insect encountered, it will at least degrade the timbers, this will progressively lower the value of the property as the activity becomes more extensive. If you suspect woodworm are active in your property it is very important to get it correctly diagnosed and treated if necessary. If it does require treating you will then have peace of mind with a long term guarantee. Should there be no need for any treatments whatsoever you will have been reassured that your property is free of wood boring beetle attack and nothing to worry about.