Cornish Home Services ~ Damp proofing in Cornwall

Cornish Home Services ~ Treating household damp in CornwallDampness causes the most rapid and severe degradation of building materials and decorations. It causes unsightly spoiling of decoration, disfiguring mould growth and deterioration of plaster work, but more importantly it is responsible for the most destructive mechanism of structural deterioration DRY ROT (Serpula lacrymans).

Water can positively enter a building from various sources, many of which are the result of defects allowing rainwater penetration. These include obvious problems such as blocked rainwater goods, cracks in brickwork and external render, chimney flue defects and poorly fitting windows and doors. Sometimes the source of water ingress is not as obvious as in the case of porous masonry or mortar.

The most common entrance of water into older buildings is the result of rising dampness, staining and spoiling decorations to the lower areas of wall and if left unchecked, can lead to decay of skirting boards and timber floors. Whatever the origin of the moisture, deterioration of ones most expensive asset, your property, can be expected and significant costs can be incurred if the problem is not correctly diagnosed or indeed, left unchecked.

If you have a damp problem in your property it makes sense to get it correctly diagnosed FIRST !

Coniopera affected floor